Tatiana Hantig


Tatiana Hantig

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fine artist  |  Muralist 

Memories are Abstract

Our memories are memoirs of our life. My personal recollections are compounded with my childhood of tours around the globe and long drives with a view for days. These eventually become dreamlike and abstract. We are complicated beings that can be difficult to make sense of, unique individuals passing through time and always changing. An abstract painting grasps each of those ethereal moments and how our memories change over time and what we hold onto.  What you see, is your self...ultimately. 


 About Me

Tatiana Hantig (b.1983) is a first generation American-Czech painter and photographer working in Las Vegas, Nevada. Raised abroad with her parents show production, The Fercos Untamed Illusions, she was fortunate to have toured throughout Asia, Europe, North and South Americas. Her experiences growing up was a combination of raising exotic felines, constant travel living in hotels, motels and trailer tours as well as being surrounded by performers of all types. Throughout their travels, Las Vegas was a place to call home. Hantig attended the University of Las Vegas, Nevada where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Art Photography. Her paintings and photography have taken her to ArtPrize in Michigan multiple times, numerous gallery shows in Las Vegas, and over a dozen public murals for Clark County, Nevada for the ZAP! Project.



Abstract & Abstract Impressionism